Little & Large: Mainline Steam DVD

Steam hauled train services were once a common sight on the UK Rail Network. Services were hauled around the UK and operated by the 'Big 4' Operating Companies before nationalisation by British Rail in 1948.

First invented during the 19th Century, the steam train became a useful and important invention for the UK as a wide collection of goods and passengers could now be transported all over the country quickly and efficiently.

Many different steam engines were designed and operated throughout the country. From the small industrial tanks to the prestigious A4 Class renown for holding the World's fastest steam engine title to date, each class of engine had a specific role and could be seen hauling suitable trains around the Country.

Today the UK Rail Network is very different with most services hauled by diesel and electric locomotives. Occasionally steam hauled services can be witnessed travelling on the UK Rail Network around the UK recreating the sights and sounds of the 20th Century.

Our DVD features a whole collection of different steam engines doing exactly what they were designed to do, hauling services around the UK. From the high speed express services hauled by the superb LNER A4 Class storming up the East Coast Mainline at 90mph to the smaller engines climbing the steep banks and curves of the West Highland Extension Railway in Scotland there is something for every Mainline Enthusiast. The DVD features footage from 2009 to 2014 with a collection of steam engines at different locations around the UK. All footage included on the DVD was filmed in High Definition.

Some of the engines featured on the DVD include:
LMS 5MT No.44871
LMS 5MT No.44932
LMS 5MT No.45231 'The Sherwood Forester'
LMS 5XP No.45699 'Galatea'
LMS 7P No.46115 'Scots Guardsman'
LMS 8F No.48151
LMS 8P No.6201 'Princess Elizabeth'
LNER A1 No.60163 'Tornado'
LNER A4 No.60007 'Sir Nigel Gresley'
LNER A4 No.60019 'Bittern'
LNER B1 No.61264
LNER K1 No.62005
LNER K4 No.61994 'The Great Marquess'
BR 7MT No.70000 'Britannia'
BR 7MT No.70013 'Oliver Cromwell'
BR 8P No.71000 'Duke Of Gloucester'
GWR Castle No.5043 'Earl of Mount Edgecumbe'
GWR 57XX No.7752
GWR 57XX No.9600
SR BoB No.34067 'Tangmere'
Plus many other engines too.

The DVD lasts approx. 92 minutes and is available in UK PAL 16:9 Widescreen format only. The DVD is available for £11.98 which includes free postage to all customers.

Below is a short DVD trailer with some clips taken from the DVD, please note due to upload restrictions the quality of the trailer may not reflect that of the DVD.



How to order:

Run Time: 92 Minutes

Total number of discs: 1 Disc

DVD Format: 16:9 Widescreen UK PAL DVD

Price: £11.98

DVD Release Date: 24th May 2014




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