Keighley & Worth Valley Railway Autumn Steam Gala 2016 DVD

The Keighley & Worth Valley Railway, the only complete branch line in the UK is well re-known for holding their annual Autumn Steam Gala. The event is an important event on many enthusiasts calendars for holding a varied range of trains running along the picturesque five mile branch line.

Headlining the 2016 Autumn Steam Gala was SR rebuilt Battle of Britain Pacific No.34053 'Sir Keith Park' from the Severn Valley Railway. Built in 1947 the engine was allocated to Salisbury shed where it could be seen hauling the heavy Continental boat expresses. In 1958 the engine was rebuilt which saw its air smoothed casing removed. The engine was moved to Bournemouth where it could be seen working 'The Pines Express' over the Somerset and Dorset Railway. 'Sir Keith Park' was withdrawn in October 1965 and moved to Barry Scrap Yard. The engine returned to steam in May 2012 and is currently based at the Severn Valley Railway.

Great Western 78xx No.7822 'Foxcote Manor' also visited the railway for the Autumn Gala from the Llangollen Railway. Built at Swindon in 1950, No.7822 was part of a second batch of the 'Manor' class designed by Charles Collett. The 'Manor' class were built with a light axle loading which gave them a versatile route availability and gave the GWR a light yet powerful option for hauling trains. 'Foxcote Manor' could often be seen hauling a variety of services over the Great Western route including 'The Cambrian Coast Express'. 'Foxcote Manor' was withdrawn in November 1965 and sent to Barry Scrap Yard, the engine was saved by the 'Foxcote Manor Society' and is now 1 of 9 Manors preserved in the UK.

Making a surprise visit to the Autumn Steam Gala was LMS 5MT No.45212 which has recently undergone overhaul at Ian Riley's workshops in Bury. The engine is also seen on light engine test runs on the Thursday evening before the gala, footage of the engine is also featured from the gala weekend.

Running over the cold, damp mornings of October 2016 a collection of engines tackled the steep gradients from Keighley to Oxenhope.

Footage is included from throughout the weekend and features all the engines that run at the event. Trackside footage is included, an aspect not available to the general public. A wide collection of freight, vintage, express and passenger services are also featured throughout the DVD.

LNER Crafton Steam Crane was fired up over the weekend and was seen giving demonstrations in Oakworth Yard which is captured during Saturday afternoon.

Bonus Footage:

Footage is included from the Thursday of the gala weekend when engine preparation was taking place at Haworth and LMS 5MT No.45212 was running light engine between Oakworth & Oxenhope.

Footage is included of visiting engine SR No.34053 'Sir Keith Park' at the Severn Valley Railway from several visits between 2012 and 2016.

Footage of Great Western 78xx No.7822 'Foxcote Manor' is also featured of the engine at visits to the North Yorkshire Moors Railway in 2011 and 2016.

Some of the steam engines featured on the DVD include:

- SR Rebuilt BoB No.34053 'Sir Keith Park'
- GWR 78xx No.7822 'Foxcote Manor'
- Taff Vale O2 No.85
- LMS 4F No.43924
- LMS 5MT No.45212
- USATC S160 No.5820 'Big Jim'
- BR 4MT No.75078
- BR 8F No.90733
- LNWR 'Coal Tank' No.1054
- Hudswell Clarke No.1704 'Nunlow'
- LNER Grafton Steam Crane

The DVD lasts approx. 69 minutes. The DVD is available in UK 16:9 Widescreen PAL Format only. The DVD is available for £10.39 which includes free P&P to all customers.

Below is a short trailer with some clips taken from the DVD, please note due to upload restrictions the quality of the trailer may not reflect that of the DVD.



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Run Time: 69 Mins

Total number of discs: 1 Disc

DVD Format: 16:9 Widescreen UK PAL DVD

Price: £10.39

DVD Release Date: 21st October 2016





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