Applying voucher codes

How to apply vouchers on our online shop

The following steps outline how to apply a discount code on our online shop, should the following steps not work please do get in touch.

Step 1:
Once you have found the product that you wish to purchase, underneath the product artwork you will a 'voucher code' box and purchase button.


Step 2:
Enter your discount code into the white box, ensure the code is spelt correctly, so it can be validated and the correct discount can be applied to the product.
Once entered, ensure you click the 'Activate Code' button, this will apply the discount to the product price.

Step 3:
Upon clicking the 'Activate Code' button, a popup alert will appear indicating whether the discount code is correct / applicable for the selected product.
Should the discount code be incorrect, double check spelling including the use of capital letters.

Step 4:
Once your discount code has been accepted, click on the PayPal 'Buy Now' button which will direct you to your PayPal order basket.
Step 5:
Now visiting your PayPal basket you will see the product listed including the discount that has been applied, follow through the steps on the PayPal website to complete your order.

This page was last modified on the 4th December 2019.