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The Embsay & Bolton Abbey Railway, based in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales opened to passengers in 1981, today running from Bolton Abbey to Embsay via Stoneacre Loop and Holywell Halt. This DVD allows you to hop onboard the footplate of resident 0-6-0ST No.1208 ‘Illingworth’, travelling from Bolton Abbey to Embsay.

About the railway:

The Embsay & Bolton Abbey Railway formed part of the Midland Railway route from Skipton to Ilkley, which opened in 1888. Excursion traffic proved popular in transporting tourists to Bolton Abbey and Skipton. Due to a decline in use, the line was closed down by British Railways in March 1965 as part of the ‘Beeching Cuts’.

Around 14 years after closure, a group of volunteers put forward a plan in 1979 to reopen the line as a preservation route. This plan went ahead and Embsay Railway Station was refurbished throughout the second half of the 1970s and reopened in 1981. By 1987, further extensions brought the line to a newly constructed halt at Holywell and later to Stoneacre Loop. Bolton Abbey Railway Station reopened for passengers in 1998.

The railway currently runs for a total distance of 4 miles, travelling through the picturesque scenery of the Yorkshire Dales, with lovingly restored stations at both Bolton Abbey and Embsay. Today, the E&BAR has grown to be a popular tourist attraction in Yorkshire, carrying approximately 100,000 passengers a year.

0-6-0ST No.1208 ‘Illingworth’

0-6-0ST No.1208 ‘Illingworth’ is one of the steam engines currently in operation at the Embsay & Bolton Abbey Railway, originally built in 1916 at Hudswell Clarke in Leeds, ‘Illingworth’ was first used for war work at the Ministry of Munitions at Gretna Green. In 1922 No.1208 was bought by the Bradford Corporation to work passenger and goods trains over the Nidd Valley Light Railway between Pateley Bridge and Lofthouse. Over the years ‘Illingworth’ was purchased by many individuals before being consigned to scrap in 1957. ‘Illingworth’ was finally steamed again during May 2017, making its preservation debut at the Embsay & Bolton Abbey Railway and carrying its first passenger services in over 80 years.

Route map

The Embsay & Bolton Abbey Railway runs for a total of 4 miles through the picturesque Yorkshire Dales. Passengers travel from Embsay Station to Bolton Abbey, passing Holywell Halt and Stoneacre Loop.

What is included on this DVD?

Join the crew of ‘Illingworth’ as they tackle the gradients from Bolton Abbey to Embsay. Using new technology and filmed in 4K, you’re able to witness ‘Illingworth’ working hard through the Yorkshire Dales from a whole new prospective.

Whilst watching the DVD, you’re able to follow ‘Illingworth’ from a series of different angles including onboard the footplate, both the driver and fireman’s cab side views, the front lamp bracket and from the motion gear (a total of 10 camera views are included).

Footage is also included from the lineside showcasing ‘Illingworth’ at several different viewpoints along the Embsay & Bolton Abbey Railway.

Playback options:

There are three viewing options to this DVD, these include:
Option 1: Sit back and watch the action from the footplate, from several different camera angles including the lineside. This option includes short titles informing you of key locations along the route.
Option 2: This options allows you to watch the driver and fireman from onboard the footplate, unedited for the whole trip from Bolton Abbey to Embsay.
Option 3: Take in the picturesque scenery as you watch the Yorkshire Dales pass by, this option allows you to watch from the driver’s window, unedited from Bolton Abbey to Embsay.

Product Overview:

This product features no commentary, allowing you to fully appreciate the sound of the steam locomotive working hard. Short titles are included throughout informing you of key locations. The DVD & Blu-Ray are available in UK 16:9 widescreen format only.

Footplate filming took place on the 25th August 2019.

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